Error Removing Host from vSphere

Error Removing Host from vSphere

I have a host (ESX 4.0) that I need to remove from one of my clusters but after putting it into maintenance mode and shutting it down the Remove option is grayed out. I found some references online that mention using the PowerCLI to manually remove the host but ran into a caveat that none of the other posts mentioned. When I ran the remove-vmhost command I got the following error: “The method is disabled by ‘com.vmware.vcintegrity'”. To get around this I had to take the disconnected host and remove it from the cluster and then run the remove-vmhost command to remove it from vSphere. I imagine that this is related to capacity issues on our old cluster but we are trying to move our blades and accompanying guests to a new cluster so HA and DRS is not high on the priority list.

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  1. Thanks – this still works up to VSphere 6. I had a couple hosts (no longer around), and I had to
    1) Disconnect them.
    2) Remove them off of the VDS's
    3) Move them out of the cluster (per your suggestion)
    4) Re-run the remove-vmhost.

    It was a pain to figure out, but I guess the alternative of accidentally removing the wrong host is much worse!


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